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Transport analysis and modelling

Moving the Australian economy

Deloitte Access Economics analyses and models how transport and the economy interact. We have analysed transport projects, strategies and policy across road, rail, air, sea and pipelines.

Transport is central to the Australian economy. Our sea and air ports connect us to the world’s markets; roads and rail move goods around the country. Australians spend an average of 53 minutes a day commuting to and from work and Australian Governments spend in the order of $20 billion a year on roads alone.

Deloitte Access Economics helps our clients understand the relationship between transport and the economy. In particular we help our clients:

  • Analyse transport projects - so the most beneficial projects are invested in
  • Understand strategic issues when comparing transport modes
  • Develop transport policy
  • Model how improvements in transport will create benefits for other parts of the economy
  • Forecast transport movements.

Deloitte Access Economics has experience across all modes of transport – road, rail, sea, air and pipeline.

What improving regulation would mean for the economy

Deloitte Access Economics has analysed the current state of regulations for heavy vehicles in the Australian trucking industry and the potential benefits of improved approaches to regulation for the Australian Trucking Association. Deloitte finds that addressing the challenges in the use of modern, larger articulated vehicles has the potential to generate significant benefits for Australia’s economy.

Identifying ways to help rail achieve its potential

This report, written for the Australasian Railway Association, seeks to identify and quantify, where possible, the benefits from rail transport that are not captured in prices and which accrue to the community at large. These benefits include: improved land use and urban densification; lower carbon emissions; reduced congestion; fewer accidents; removing barriers to social inclusion; improving land values; and enhanced energy security.

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A potential role for the Port of Newcastle

This Deloitte Access Economics report analyses the role that Port of Newcastle could play in helping to manage the freight challenge in NSW. By servicing its natural catchment, PON could reduce the need for 500,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit a year to pass through Sydney’s freight network. This would have benefits in terms of congestion, emissions, transport costs, regional growth and port productivity.

Connecting Australia

The Australian Airports Association engaged Deloitte Access Economics to update the economic and social contribution study of the airport industry that was previously undertaken in 2012. The primary aim of this study is to provide the Australian Airports Association with an up to date picture of the economic and social contribution that the airport sector makes to the Australian economy and community. The study examines the significant role of Australia’s network of airports in connecting communities, facilitating economic activities, and promoting social inclusion. It highlights the range of commercial activities that are typically supported by the presence and operation of airports.

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