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Social impact measurement and investment

Delivering better outcomes

A radically different approach and a new level of rigour applied to decision making is needed to deliver better outcomes to the most difficult and pressing issues affecting society.

How we can help

The concept of social impact and the broader social impact investment market continues to emerge and mature in both Australia and globally. We recognise there is a fundamental need to improve our community by delivering better solutions to society’s wicked problems. Yet continuing resource constraints demand novel approaches to prioritisation in this sphere.

The concept of both social impact measurement and investment has developed with the infrastructure, information and incentives enabling both individuals and organisations to provide resources with the strong expectation that social impact and defined outcomes will be achieved. This expectation is enabling innovation to flourish, but now more than ever, society requires a new level of rigour applied to delivering social impact.

Our dedicated practice works with not-for-profit organisations, government departments and private clients across the health, education, justice and social services industries. We provide this level of rigor required to measure social impact and in some cases participate in the social impact investment market. We provide the following services:

  • Social impact assessments
  • Social impact policy advice and assessment
  • Evaluation informing social financing agreements
  • Social impact strategy development.
A practical guide to understanding social costs

Informing the development, funding and delivery of social services

In association with the Advisory Board on Impact Investing, Deloitte Access Economics has, on a pro bono basis, developed a guide to better inform the development, funding and delivery of social services.

A practical guide to understanding social costs: Developing the evidence base for informed social impact investment shares practical tools for organisations to work through what can often be a daunting task of calculating the cost of particular social issues so that a better understanding can be developed regarding government and community willingness to pay to address these issues.

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Change for a better future

Addressing domestic and family violence together: The role of business

Domestic and Family Violence is not just a private or personal issue. There is an important role for government, community and business to work together to help identify and implement solutions.

This report examines the role of government, community and business in providing a coordinated response to domestic and family violence.

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Matt Wright - Victoria
Simone Cheung - NSW