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Retail analysis and forecasting

A key focus of our macroeconomics practice

Deloitte Access Economics understands the key drivers of retail demand and specialises in the research of these drivers.

Deloitte Access Economics specialises in research of the movements of key drivers in the Australian economy. By combining this wealth of knowledge with research on consumer behaviour and the retail market, we are able to analyse current retail supply and demand characteristics, forecast future movements and make informed recommendations for retail development, investment and strategy.

National, State and category level retail sector analysis and forecasts are delivered via our Retail Forecasts publication, which is available as a quarterly subscription, with one-off purchases also available.

In order to provide insightful analysis, outlooks and recommendations for clients, it is key to understand the key drivers of retail demand. We specialise in research of these drivers, which include the following:

  • Consumer behaviour: Consumers’ changing preferences and needs
  • Consumer sentiment: How consumers react to economic changes
  • Household income and debt: Current and future insights on disposable income
  • Population and socio-demographics: How the population is likely to change over time
  • Technological influence: The effect of technology and the internet on retail
  • Macroeconomic influences: How the world economy affects the retail market.

Our capabilities

Deloitte Access Economics retail forecasting and analysis capabilities include:

  • Retail turnover forecasting, at national, state or regional level if required, based on ABS, HFCE (household final consumption expenditure) and MarketInfo categories
  • Regional economic profiling and forecasting, with a focus on the retail sector
  • Commentary on the key drivers for retail growthPricing analysis of consumer products
  • Performance analysis for retailers, shopping centres and retail precincts
  • Competition and demand analysis of consumer products, retailers and retail facilities
  • Economic impact analysis for retail and mixed use developments
  • Consumer behaviour and consumption habits analysis
  • Digital influence analysis of retail and consumer products
  • Retail trends analysis and forecasts, in terms of both supply and demand trends
  • Network planning for retailers and centre owners, having regard to the above analysis
  • Strategic planning for retail stakeholders, having regard to the above analysis.

Retail Forecasts

Produced quarterly, this report is tailored for the retail industry. It contains an analysis of the current state of retail sales and consumer spending, and the major trends likely to emerge over coming years. Included are volume, price and value of individual retail categories.

Consumer spending by detailed commodity item and greater detail by retail sales category are also covered in the Detailed Consumer Spending subscription option.