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Investment Monitor

A Deloitte Access Economics publication

Identify new investment and business opportunities with Australia’s most comprehensive listing of engineering and non-residential capital projects.

Whether it’s delivering a new railway, developing a mine or acquiring a stake in a pipeline, infrastructure assets and other large capital projects represent major investment opportunities. These projects are also key sources of future economic growth for Australia.

Investment Monitor is a quarterly publication that offers investors the most comprehensive breakdown of investment prospects available across the country. It has also become required reading for economists, as it provides a barometer of structural change in the Australian economy and of the investment climate – both now and in the future.

Key benefits

  • Unparalleled insight into future paths for investment activity and
    associated business opportunities, enabling you to make informed business and investment decisions
  • Regular updates on the status of every project listed, along with details of the companies involved, cost of the development, estimated size, and start and end date
  • A barometer of structural change in the Australian economy and of the investment climate.

Pricing Options         

  • Investment Monitor One-off report $699     Buy   
  • Investment Monitor subscription (4 reports) $1399   Buy


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