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Walking in Two Worlds

Deloitte Integrity is a First Nations led practice focusing on matters of governance, leadership, trust, policy and strategy. We work with businesses and governments to tackle the complex commercial, environmental and social issues of our time. Our practice brings Indigenous Knowledge, multi-disciplinary expertise and a systems thinking lens to respond to challenges and unlock new opportunity.

Deloitte Integrity and First Nations

Deloitte Integrity was formed to help Australian businesses and governments walk in two worlds.

Our goal is to help transform organisations to ensure we all thrive in this land in accordance with the responsibilities to the ‘country’ we all share.

Distinct to other Indigenous-led advisory practices across our nation and within our firm, Deloitte Integrity is not focussed exclusively on outcomes for First Nations peoples. That is vital and important for our nation, and we work in close partnership with our colleagues and community-based organisations to maximise the critical contribution they make. Instead, our focus is on centring the power and significance of Indigenous Knowledge that will enable private and public sector alike to solve issues for the benefit of the whole system: issues of science, of data, of governance, of leadership, of strategy and policy.
It's our belief, that through incorporating principles and processes of

Indigenous Knowledge systems, business and governments can be more efficient, more effective, more profitable, better problem solvers, better agents of change and better servers of customers and citizens alike. This is not a process of reconciliation but of First Nations people, culture and knowledge taking their rightful and respected place as the voice of Country and the vehicle through which we will achieve transformative success for society, economy, and the landscape.