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Business Outlook

A Deloitte Access Economics publication

Strengthen and enhance your strategic planning capacity with Australia’s most sophisticated economic commentary and forecast data.

Business Outlook

Successful business planning requires analytical thinking and a detailed understanding of the economic forces shaping the Australian business environment. Our quarterly publication, Business Outlook, delivers Australia’s most sophisticated economic commentary and forecasts on the business environment. Our insights cover a detailed assessment of the national economy, 19 industry sectors, and each of the Australian States and Territories.Armed with this critical guidance, you’ll be better positioned to make informed business, planning decisions and risk assessments, and take advantage of emerging economic trends.

Key benefits

  • Expert analysis to help you understand how changes can impact strategic planning and investment decisions
  • Ten-year detailed forecast data to support detailed financial forecasts in your own business
  • Insight into Australian and world economic growth prospects, enabling you to strengthen and enhance risk assessment around key business decisions.

Business Outlook provides sector-specific intelligence that covers Australian and world growth prospects, financial markets, wages and prices, exports and imports, the labour market, taxes and public sector spending, and more.

We also provide detailed forecasts for economic performance at the state and territory level, including analysis of economic drivers, state infrastructure and construction trends.


  • One-off (Access to the latest release only)
    • Business Outlook Report with Data Files - $1,749  Buy
    • Business Outlook Report - $1,249 Buy
  • Annual Subscription (Four releases per year)
    • Business Outlook Report with Data Files - $3,499 Buy
    • Business Outlook Report - $2,499 Buy

For further information (publications):
T: +61 3 9667 5070

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