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Behavioural economics

Applying behavioural insights to policy and program design, implementation, testing and evaluation

The Deloitte Access Economics behavioural economics team works with
clients across all sectors to apply behavioural insights to policy and program design, implement trials to test and evaluate, and provide advisory services relating to application of behavioural sciences.

The Deloitte Access Economics behavioural economics point of difference is in our breadth and depth of expertise across sectors, subject matter, and all stages of applying behavioural sciences to tackling the challenges that matter. Our team has deep expertise in many subject matter areas such as climate and sustainability, health, human services, and financial services and expertise in methods, both qualitative and quantitative, taking a cross-discipline approach. Challenging problems require solutions that bring the best of each discipline. Our solutions are practical, evidence-based, aligned with industry trends and meet client needs.

Our relationships across sectors, built on our work with a wide range of clients in public, private and not-for-profit sectors, ensures that our behavioural economics services are grounded on an understanding of the full landscape that our clients operate in and are able to lead policy and issues debates by connecting the dots across the policy landscape.

Our strength is being able to bring the most suitable tools, expertise, and people to the application of behavioural economics to our clients’ challenges in order to drive positive social impact.  

Our service offering includes:
  • Experimental approaches, experiment design e.g. RCTs, quasi-experimental approaches
  • Intervention design and testing
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Evaluation planning and trial design
  • Intervention implementation
  • Open science protocols and pre-registration
  • Literature review, systematic reviews, rapid evidence reviews
  • Consumer / user research, including customer segmentation analysis
  • Human centred design
  • Data science, analysis of large datasets
  • Qualitative methods, interviews, focus groups
  • Ethics review  process

Our approach

Our broad expertise and mix of specialist skills in psychology and economics enables us to bring a tailored approach to clients across public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Our behavioural economics capabilities help clients to work through all stages of challenges.

  • Data analytics to identify issues and behaviours
  • Develop framework to dissect issues to separate out the behavioural aspects (e.g. regulation driven, information asymmetry etc)
  • Data collection to test and validate drivers
  • Identify key target areas for maximum impact

Develop interventions based on key target areas identified/ diagnosed.
Using existing evidence, interventions may include:

  • Altering the choice architecture
  • Incentivisation
  • Nudges such as messenger, salience, norms and commitment
  • Test and pilot interventions using Randomised Controlled Trials in an experimental setting
  • Measure/compare effectiveness of different interventions
  • Identify key factors for success in scale up
  • Understand individual vs situational factors for replicability and generalisability
  • Identify key barriers and enablers for scale up and further iteration
  • Process redesign and flows to complement behavioural change interventions
  • Focus on building capacity for future behavioural design and experimentation