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Digital smart: Accelerating digital government for citizens in the Asia-Pacific

A report for VMware

This research uncovers what APAC citizens expect when accessing government services and highlights what governments across the region can do to embrace opportunities in the digital delivery of services.

Citizens are more digitally engaged than ever and have increasingly complex needs for governments to serve. COVID-19 has proved the importance of going digital and made digital delivery imperative to many services.

The demand for digital government services continues to grow. There will be an additional 900 million internet users by 2025 and governments’ IT spending is forecast to grow to US$151 billion by 2025.

Overall, governments have a challenging task ahead of them to meet the high expectations of citizens around the digital delivery of public services.

Governments have a lot to gain from investing in digital. This research finds that for a majority of APAC citizens, a positive online experience with government services would improve their overall perception of and trust in government. Enhanced digitisation of government services can also promote equality and inclusivity in society, deliver financial benefits for governments and support sustainability efforts.

Yet, governments do not have unlimited budgets or resources. This report identifies six key recommendations for governments who want to address these challenges and embrace the opportunities they present.

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