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State of Digital Adoption in the Construction Industry 2024


Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by Autodesk to update research from 2023 exploring trends impacting digital adoption in the construction and engineering sector across six markets in Asia-Pacific.

State of Digital Adoption in the Construction Industry 2024

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Recent years have seen the industry face significant disruption from cost increases, skills gaps and sustainability challenges. Digital technologies can drive efficiency and help businesses navigate these challenges and secure their place in a more advanced and productive industry.

Drawing on a survey of almost 1,000 businesses, this report highlighted the rapidly changing technology landscape. Businesses are increasing their use of a broad range of technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics and cloud management software. Businesses have also revised their plans significantly in response to emerging technologies, with 68% of businesses already using or planning to use AI in the future, a significant increase since the previous year.

Skills and financing are the biggest barriers to digital adoption. 42% of businesses highlighted digital skills gaps as an important barrier to greater adoption of technologies, and 34% of businesses reported that they lacked the budget to make investment in new technologies.

Despite this, businesses that invest in new technologies reported strong returns, with the use of an additional technology associated with 1.4% higher revenue growth, 1% higher profit growth and more projects delivered on time and under budget.

This report provides five key recommendtations to help businesses in their digital adoption journey, including tracking a range of measures of success and buiding a digital ecosystem.

Previous Edition: 2023 report

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