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The economic and social value of Torrens University Australia

Universities make a critical contribution to Australia’s economy, human capital and social fabric. As Torrens University Australia enters its tenth year, this report considers the University’s national contribution to economic and labour market outcomes for its graduates and the broader communities in which it operates.

This report quantifies the University’s contributions to Australia, through its operational activity, teaching and learning outcomes, attraction of international students, and support for underrepresented cohorts to access higher education. Looking at a snapshot of Torrens University Australia’s economic and social contribution in the 2022 Academic Year, this report finds that the University’s contribution includes: $248.2 million to the Australian economy associated with the University’s operations, which supported 1,325 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs, and $220.8 million in value added through the University’s onshore international students, and the spending associated with their visitors. This contribution supported 1,724 FTE jobs across Australia, through spending on goods and services in 2022. Additionally, this report considers the economic activity generated by Torrens University Australia’s alumni working in Australia, through improved productivity and employment outcomes – with a total economic return of more than $500m per year in public and private benefits associated with skilled graduates.

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