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Connecting Communities: The economic and social contribution of commercial radio and audio in Australia

Delivering $1 billion in value added to Australia’s economy

Commercial radio and audio broadcasters have provided Australians with
access to entertainment, music, news and emergency broadcasts for 100 years.
This report examines the economic and social contribution of the commercial
radio and audio industry across Australia.

This Deloitte Access Economics report has been commissioned by Commercial Radio and Audio to measure the value of the industry’s economic contribution to Australia and its broader social benefits. This includes the role of commercial radio in supporting the local community, Australia’s music industry, and as a trusted provider of local news and current affairs.

Commercial radio and audio plays an important role in supporting economic activity in Australia. In 2022, commercial radio and audio contributed approximately $1 billion to Australia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through value added and supported 6,600 FTE jobs both directly and indirectly. Commercial radio and audio is important in regional areas, contributing $320 million in 2022. In addition, 38% of commercial radio and audio’s jobs are based in regional locations. 

Radio builds community connection by engaging listeners with Australian content relevant to them. Approximately three-quarters (74%) of Australians agree that commercial radio contributes to building a sense of community.

Commercial radio and audio presents local content relevant to the specific communities it serves.Commercial radio broadcasts over 1.1 million hours of Australian content each year across music, advertisements, entertainment, news and current affairs and sports. This includes approximately 2.7 million songs from Australian artists. The platform provides an opportunity for Australian artists to broadcast their music to a wider audience.

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