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The Case for Philanthropy in Disability

This report prepared by Deloitte Access Economics - The Case for Philanthropy in Disability – presents new research quantifying the benefits that can be achieved by removing the barriers to inclusion for people with disability in Australia.

This report prepared for The Achieve Foundation aimed to identify the case for philanthropic investment in disability as a solution to the equity and inclusion concerns faced by people with disability in Australia.

Our research found a compelling need. Outcomes for people with disability are worse by every socioeconomic measure. This inequality is not because of a person’s disability, but rather the structural barriers that prevent their participation in social and economic life. The benefits of dismantling these barriers are substantial. Our research provides evidence that creating a more inclusive society for people with disability provides a strong return on investment to both individuals and society. We estimate that by uplifting social inclusion for people with disability to a level equal to the rest of the population, Australia could unlock close to $84.2 billion per annum in collective economic and social benefits.

Philanthropy has a key role to play in helping to reap these benefits. Investments from philanthropists can help to challenge the status quo and catalyse systemic change.


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