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IPO readiness and support

Successful Exit

Deloitte offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at assisting businesses in preparing for IPOs and capital raisings. Specifically, we provide the following services in relation to IPOs:

  • Facilitating businesses in understanding the IPO process, regulatory framework, and essential factors to consider;
  • Providing a detailed walkthrough of each fundamental consideration involved in an IPO;
  • Evaluating the readiness of a business for an IPO and developing a roadmap to achieve IPO readiness;
  • Helping businesses grasp the post-listing market expectations; and
  • Assisting in the preparation of investigating accountant's reports as part of the IPO prospectus

The CFO Advisory team supports the client in transforming their finance functions to be “listing ready.”

Our focus is to support finance in establishing a sound reporting process to deliver internal, external and regulatory financial reports.

  • Identifying & establishing critical governance structures and day 1 reporting.​
  • Aligning and integrating financial processes and controls.​
  • Formulise month end and quarter and year end reporting processes.
  • Formulise a Budgeting & Forecasting process that address the needs of the business and allows for early and decisive corrective action.
  • Support to sell-side engagements on ESG readiness, performance benchmarked against competitors in market, and ESG-linked equity narratives aligned with stock exchange listing requirements.

For more details, please reach out to Alexandra Loder or Lucas Myburgh.

Private Equity

Making more returns

Deloitte's Australian Private Equity Group is part of Deloitte’s Global Private Equity practice comprising over 1,500 private equity professionals globally.