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ESG strategy and compliance

Portfolio Value Creation

Deloitte’s ESG M&A practice offers leading ESG advisory services to assist in the development and implementation of a portfolio company or an acquisition’s ESG strategy. 

We have extensive experience in aligning ESG strategies across portfolio companies or subsidiary businesses and in ensuring an efficient and effective execution of the unified strategy.

Our deep understanding of ESG as it relates to M&A allows us to rapidly identify, prioritise and improve key levers within a business that adds to the enterprise value.

Our expertise in Portfolio Value Creation includes:

  • Short and long term ESG planning
  • ESG strategy development and alignment
  • ESG transformation planning and execution
  • Sustainable Investing 

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Our team have experience in developing ESG strategies for both large listed companies and for privately held portfolio companies. 

We have delivered post-acquisition strategy and operations consulting to both private equity and corporates, with a particular expertise in cross-portfolio alignment and optimisation. In addition, we have strong experience in delivering integration and separation strategies to assist corporate and private equity investors in ensuring rapid delivery of value

We have experience in delivering for all major industries and sub-sectors.

For more details, please reach out to Rochel Hoffman.

Private Equity

Making more returns

Deloitte's Australian Private Equity Group is part of Deloitte’s Global Private Equity practice comprising over 1,500 private equity professionals globally.