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ESG due diligence

Private Equity

Deloitte’s ESG M&A practice offers specialised ESG due diligence that informs clients of both ESG compliance concerns as well as of strategic opportunities. Our approach to ESG due diligence is tailored to individual client needs and focuses on rapidly identifying and examining the most material issues for a client or their portfolio. 

We engage directly with broader deal teams to link our findings to valuations, and can assist clients in understanding various ESG scenarios, particularly for climate, as they are relevant to the transaction.

Our expertise in ESG due diligence includes:

  • Climate, decarbonisation and the energy transition
  • Sustainable investing
  • ESG governance
  • Natural capital
  • Human rights, including Modern Slavery
  • Health and Safety
  • Greenwashing

And more.

Our ESG in M&A team has experience across a broad range of sectors and with leading domestic as well as international private equity clients. .

Our team have extensive experience evaluating M&A opportunities across
industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Energy
  • Resources and Industrials
  • Financial Services
  • Technology, Media & Telco

For more details, please reach out to Rochel Hoffman.

Private Equity

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