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Commercial & Operational

Due Diligence

Helping you select the right investment, avoid the wrong one, and chart a path towards post-close value creation.

Due diligence for merger and acquisition decisions often takes place in compressed time frames and under extreme pressure from competitive bidders.  Deloitte’s commercial due diligence team can help cut through the deal complexities and focus on what matters most, value.

Our dedicated team of M&A strategy specialists leverage the knowledge and insights of our global network of economists, industry experts, business function specialists, and M&A transaction teams to provide you a fact-based assessment of your investment thesis and your target’s value creation opportunities.

Our approach focuses on addressing the key commercial questions that influence a target’s current and future profit potential and valuation, including:

  • How attractive is the target’s business and operating model;
  • How attractive is the target’s market(s);
  • How well positioned is the target vs. competitors; 
  • How well aligned is the target’s proposition to customers’ needs;
  • How achievable is the target’s business plan;
  • How can the target create additional value post-close; and
  • What are potential exit pathways at the end of your hold period?

We understand that not every deal situation is the same and can modularise our scope to address the issues that are most critical to your investment decision and your due diligence timeframe.

Our team has extensive experience conducting commercial and operational due diligence across established and niche sectors, including:

  • Consumer, Retail & Automotive
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Energy, Industrials & Engineering
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Defence, Education & Social Services

For more details, please reach out to Louis Bevilacqua or Jonathan Chan.

Private Equity

Making more returns

Deloitte's Australian Private Equity Group is part of Deloitte’s Global Private Equity practice comprising over 1,500 private equity professionals globally.