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Bolt-on support

Portfolio Value Creation

We provide services at both the fund and portfolio company level to support their bolt-on acquisition strategies, including:

  • Target Screening: Identifying appropriate target companies leveraging dedicated in-house data analytics tools;
  • Financial, Commercial and Legal Due Diligence: Conducting comprehensive assessments and analysis of target companies to evaluate their financial, operational and legal viability;
  • Integration Planning: Assisting with the development of integration strategies and plans to align and optimise processes and operations post-acquisition;
  • Synergy Identification: Identifying potential synergies between the acquiring and target companies to unlock cost savings, revenue opportunities, and operational efficiencies;
  • Workplace Relations & Management Change Support: Helping manage people, cultural and organisational changes during the merger or acquisition to ensure a smooth transition;
  • Post-Merger Integration Support: utilising specialist knowledge to providing ongoing support and guidance during the integration process to address challenges ensure strategic objectives and synergies are realised

For more details, please reach out to Jonathon Gould.

Private Equity

Making more returns

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