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Audit and Assurance

Private Equity

Our Deloitte Private Audit and Assurance team provide a suite of services at both the private equity fund and portfolio company level. Our services are delivered by a team with specific private equity experience and expertise who understand specifically what private equity funds look for from assurance engagements. Our services include:

  • Full financial statement audits: independent and objective examinations of financial statements to provide assurance on their accuracy, reliability, and compliance with accounting standards by a reputable brand.
  • Internal control reviews: we assess and evaluate the internal control systems and processes within an organisation, identifying weaknesses and recommending improvements to enhance operational efficiency and minimise risks.
  • Data analytics in assurance: we utilise advanced in-house data analytics tools to provide a heightened level of assurance.
  • Accounting technical: Our Accounting Technical team provides timely, practical assistance and commercially astute and technically sound advice to help you meet your obligations.

Our dedicated Private Equity Audit team plays a critical role in assisting portfolio companies and funds alike. Our audits are not just about compliance. We focus on identifying key areas where reporting can be improved to align company strategy with deal thesis.

Each member of our Private Equity Audit team from Partner to Analyst has experience with private equity and the specific requirements and focuses involved in analysis of private equity owned businesses.

For more details, please reach out to Tara Hill.

Private Equity

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Deloitte's Australian Private Equity Group is part of Deloitte’s Global Private Equity practice comprising over 1,500 private equity professionals globally.