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Match Cloud

Be the master of your data.

Match Cloud is an automated cloud-based data quality and insights solution for consolidating, cleansing, matching and sharing a golden view of your master data (Consumers, Leads, Contacts, Patients, Students, Employees, Partners, Suppliers, Agents, Products, Assets, etc.) across multiple and disparate data sources and channels so that it can enable your business to personalise and optimise business experiences in a digital world.

This allows you to:

  • Connect data sources
  • Clean and enrich data
  • Use data you can trust

Key features

All you need to build best golden records.

Connectivity - Consolidate your data using REST APIs, Web Services and traditional file uploads. Or simply drag and drop your files.

Cleansing - Simple drag and drop of data quality rules you to build clean golden records - and keep them clean... Say goodbye to dirty data!

Enrichment - Connect to 3rd Parties such as AustraliaPost, ReachTel, DNCR, Australia Business Register and more to enhance your data.

De-duplication - From exact matching to phonetic algorithms. Empower data stewards with the tool they need to build a true single record.

Survivorship - Resolve conflicting values for any attribute automatically with our powerful survivorship module and give your business more control.

Publishing - Make your golden data accessible anywhere via our responsive web interface or share changes in real-time or batch to your own app.

Analytics - Build reports and dashboards directly off your golden data and provide real-time insights and analytics to data stewards and business users.

Lifecycle - Manage the lifecycle of any golden record with configurable life stages and transitions and get a holistic view of your trusted data.

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