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Intelligent Major Capital Projects

Australia is in the midst of an infrastructure boom. Bigger, more complex projects need to be delivered efficiently to drive lasting value. The infrastructure sector has an opportunity to make significant advancements by adopting digital technology and ways of working to enable smarter, faster and more certainty in delivering the best project outcomes.

Accelerating insights to improve project performance

Traditional ways of working can be challenging

  • Siloed working behaviours on project teams, driven by multiple parties who need to work together to deliver common project outcomes
  • Each team brings their own systems, creating a fragmented and disparate set of applications, data assets and capabilities that need to be seamlessly integrated for successful delivery
  • Highly manual and segregated processes, particularly when it comes to managing project performance, leading to inefficiency and inaccuracy in project information and delays in reporting.

We often see a lack of leadership confidence in the information required to make informed decisions to protect a project’s critical path to deliver on time, within budget and safely.

Our new solution solves these challenges

Deloitte’s Intelligent Major Capital Projects is an advanced digital solution that helps deliver projects smarter, faster and with more certainty.


  • By using our advanced analytics technology to combine project data with industry insights to track project performance across the asset delivery lifecycle in real time
  • By empowering a digital workforce to make better informed decisions, anywhere, anytime.

Our solution draws on three digital technology elements

Our solution delivers a number of benefits
  • Improved insights and predictability, resulting in better ROI, created by the ability to access ‘direct to source’ data which is integrated into a single source of truth
  • Faster, real-time and data-driven decision making, informed by insights generated by marrying together disparate data sources to identify opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Optimised project performance, driving insights for teams to focus their attention on what matters most 
  • Reusability, by capturing historic project information to allow for knowledge retention, reference forecasting for new projects, and to enable predictive analytics
  • The ability to rapidly scale the platform across a full portfolio to exponentially improve your ROI
  • Greater collaboration across all parties, enabled by sharing information to drive efficiencies in every party’s roles
  • Financial benefits resulting from a reduction in interface complexity, removal of capital expenditure, achieving cost efficiency and having a single point of access, anywhere, anytime.
Our solution draws on three digital technology elements

1. Portal:

Customisable web portal for publishing and consuming project data visualisations, dashboards and analytics outputs, anywhere, anytime and on any devices. 

2. Products:

  • User-centric visualisation and dashboards supporting insight-driven project monitoring and informed decision-making
  • Includes dashboards for safety, costs, schedule, risks, and more, which are ready to be implemented as a project progresses through each stage
  • Enabled by generic and integrated data models and KPI library.

3. Platform:

Cloud-based platform consolidates data from multiple sources into an integrated data model architecture.

This is underpinned by digital ways of working
  • To provide a consistent approach to performance management and reporting across all parties, enabling robust governance
  • To enable new ways of working by embedding digital into day-to-day routines to improve productivity, collaboration and decision making
  • To support continuous capability releases through the agile delivery model, providing insights aligned to the project lifecycle.

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