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Human Capital as a Service

Innovating at the intersection of people and technology

Where innovative technology, compelling insights and deep expertise collide to unlock the incredible in human capital. Let’s work together to engage your workforce and drive sustainable performance. 

The workplace faces constant disruption. Through this relentless change, leaders are challenged daily to drive better performance – often without the support they need.

At Deloitte, we empower you with the right tools to gain continuous and compelling insights into your organisation – insights you can harness to amplify performance and build a stronger, more capable workforce. Our full suite of tools and services give you the confidence and capability to anticipate problems, resolve challenging skill gaps and integrate streamlined technology.

Operate Services

We guide you through market disruptions to deliver better outcomes for the evolving needs of your business. In this global landscape of disruption and uncertainty, your organisation needs to know that its day-to-day strategic and operational needs are being met reliably and securely, driven by cutting-edge technology, automation and data insights.

Let’s achieve the incredible together

Organisations are transforming faster than ever. To stay ahead of today’s workplace disruption, organisations need to continuously upskill their workforce capabilities. 74% percent of organisations say reskilling the workforce is important or very important for their success over the next 12–18 months, but only 10% say they are very ready to address this trend.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

AdeptPro offers topic-specific learning experiences through a variety of preconfigured development options—from self-paced discovery to immersive workshops. AdeptPro harnesses the power of Deloitte’s ecosystem partnerships with industry luminaries, academics, and top-tier universities.

Development Programs powered by AdeptPro will help balance live, quality engagement with digital content to build a culture of continuous learning:

  • Organisation-specific, curated content and pathways complemented by immersive experiences
  • Cohort-based, time-bound programs that bridge geographic gaps, build camaraderie, and align teams on a shared understanding of business-critical concepts
  • Scalable, self-paced, and on-demand learning to meet the needs of the modern workforce

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

AdeptPro offers something new to the learning experience marketplace.

The Development Programs are:

  • Business HR Academy: Develop core HR capabilities and enhance consulting agility & strategic thinking skills to deliver on business priorities.
  • Thrive: Leadership: The business world is changing fast. Are your leaders prepared?
  • Business Chemistry: Empower individuals & teams to flex and adapt in today’s dynamic business landscape.
  • Inclusive Leadership Experience Digitised: Unleash the power of the inclusive workforce
  • Virtually There: Optimising High Performing Virtual Teams
  • More to come in 2020

In every organisation, people build informal “go-to” teams. They rely on that one person who always knows “how we do things here.” They find someone in finance who can answer any budget question. These spontaneous, critically important connections are the lifeblood of organisations worldwide. In today’s world of disruption, organisations can no longer afford to be designed entirely by hierarchies and physical structures and need to embrace the power of invisible networks to unlock adaptability.

By leveraging network science and organisational data, AONA uncovers these invisible networks, highlighting how information is exchanged, and how staff collaborate across functions.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

AONA is a survey-based platform that combines formal data (hierarchy; spans and layers) and informal data (network & collaboration data powered by network analysis) and overlays proprietary algorithms to generate instant insights for the organisation.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

  • AONA’s insights help predict candidates for cross-functional teams, and help identify risks, such as isolated / siloed teams, interaction bottlenecks, and “key person risks”, as well as roles which may not be working as designed.
  • AONA enables you to explore formal structures, such as whether spans of control are too wide leading to workload issues and lack of mentorship, determine consistency in the top structure creating high overhead costs, duplication of roles and functions and whether there is consistency of governance creating lack of clarity on decision-making.
  • Ultimately, it helps our consultants pinpoint where interventions are necessary.

Change is a persistent business reality, yet traditional change management frameworks and methodologies approach change as a singular, one-off event. Internal change leaders lack the required support needed to develop their capability and access to the data and insights to target their efforts. Successful change requires both the technical and people elements of change to be completed in unison.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

  • Alchymy® is a digital change and leadership portal that provides leaders with invaluable insights about change initiatives via personalised dashboards and supports leaders’ uplift to more effectively lead and execute change.
  • Organisations are able to harness their own data and internal leadership capability to deliver transformation with speed and certainty.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

  • ChangeScape®: Reveals the size of change across the entire organisational landscape and pinpoints where to focus change efforts
  • AdapterGauge®: Creates visibility on the progress of people adoption during project execution, capturing the voice of your people
  • LeadApt®: 360 degree survey identifying change leadership skills
  • Change Leadership Series®: Transformational Leadership Coaching to improve change leadership capability
  • Engagement Tracker®: Monitor and track communication and engagement to turn conversations into management data
  • Impact Navigator®: Provide insight into how each business unit is impacted by a change and what the nature of that impact is

Organisations are struggling to keep up with today's disruptions and digital pace while facing pressure to deliver quicker, more seamless transformation.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

ChangeScout deploys on-site experts to understand your change management challenges and fully integrates them into your organisation. ChangeScout is a simple but smart solution that drives digital transformation. We help you track people readiness with easy-to-use dashboards so you can complete change projects on time and within budget.

  • Actionable insights: Proactive insights offer real time ability to manage change interventions to mitigate risk and drive business value
  • Increased personalisation: We deploy experts on-site who understand your transformation by becoming part of your organisation
  • Improved holistic service delivery: ChangeScout covers the key aspects of change management, including methodology, technology, expertise, and insights
  • Enhanced global collaboration: Our digital change management platform enables ease of work for teams both local and global, making them more collaborative and efficient.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

  • Live Dashboards: Access live reports and dashboards for a single, living repository of change data and deliverables
  • Business Advocate Network: Share updates, polls, and content directly with your Business Advocate Network – and measure engagement with embedded analytics
  • Task Management: Manage tasks and review cycles in ChangeScout, documenting conversations and eliminating back and forth over email
  • Mobile Access: Use the mobile app to access vital information on the go and inform meetings and conversations with clients
  • Chatter Enabled: Communicate with teams over Chatter to provide contextualised updates and instructions.

The future of business is dependent on an engaged workforce that can quickly embrace new norms, align themselves to strategic direction, and seamlessly navigate rapidly changing digital landscapes.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

Communic8 is a digital platform that empowers organisations with a better way to connect and measure employee engagement, more effectively move people through business change, and simplify the workforce experience so people can thrive everyday.

With the ability to design content and engage via multiple mediums, measure engagement analytics, and offer a mobile app experience, Communic8 becomes an experience platform to create a more effective way to keep people engaged, connected and your organisation’s digital landscape simple.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

  • Digital Adoption & Business Transformation: Deliver pre-packaged assets that provide clients with a measurable, accelerated and experience-centric change program. With packages aligned to most major enterprise technologies, we are uniquely positioned to extend our support to small to mid-size markets and help our clients rapidly adapt to new ways of working.
  • Workforce Communications & Engagement Surveys: Help clients connect people to organisational strategy through business/leadership communications. Encourage them to gather constant insights through engagement/pulse surveys, and use engagement analytics to measure, benchmark and constantly refine workforce engagement strategies.
  • A Workforce Experience Platform & Mobile App: Establish integrations to core business applications such as your HRIS system, display frequently accessed information for ease of reference, and consolidate business notifications and alerts to better manage information.

C-suites are currently preoccupied with the challenge of efficiently delivering today’s work while designing the new work of tomorrow. To take the lead, organisations need to translate business strategies into a workforce plan taking into account the ‘who’ (talent alternatives), ‘what’ (automation potential), and ‘where’ (non-physical proximity) of the workforce.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

  • Future of Talent Optimisation (FOTO) is an engagement catalyst that uses a proprietary algorithm to analyse an organisation’s HRIS data, illustrating future scenarios on alternative “work”, “workforce”, and “workplace” opportunities.
  • FOTO offers automated, repeatable and scalable delivery through an online app for global users. The outputs from FOTO illuminate future add-on engagements in the to assist organisations in realising opportunities presented by the future of work.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

Future of Talent Optimisation takes an analytical approach to understanding the impact of future of work.

  • Designed to be used in the ‘Imagine’ phase of a project to empower organisations with ‘the art of the possible’, FOTO analyses an organisation’s current work architecture to predict the likelihood of automation, non-traditional workforce use, and workplace proximity alternatives.
  • This data is then used to develop future scenarios that identify a range of opportunities for the organisation to strategically augment their future workforce.

Data analytics has become integral to human capital operations, but many organisations still struggle to apply this powerful tool effectively or even at all.

Traditional approaches continue to fall short:

Organisations often…

  • use many different (expensive) systems and are unable to integrate these to understand the bigger picture
  • follow approaches and models that take years to materialise and hit the bottom line
  • are unable to move the needle on their business issues despite various investments
  • can’t hire a large diverse team of skillsets or don’t have the ability to pool the right skillsets as needed.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

The People Analytics Suite combines platform, practices, and people to uncover real-time insights so business leaders can know, not guess when it comes to workforce decisions.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

The platform aggregates internal and external workforce data (talent, payroll, survey data, etc.) into a pre-built KPI dashboards across the entire breadth of Human Capital issues:

  • Future of Work and Planning
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Leadership and Succession
  • Retention, Engagement and Learning
  • Safety and Return to Work
  • Talent Acquisition, Staffing, and Mobility
  • Performance and Rewards.

This data is combined with ready to use analytics models and proven operationalisation methods and supplemented with access to industry experts and People Analytics data scientist that interpret and contextualise the findings to generate actionable insights.

Organisations are struggling with unprecedented disruption and complex global business issues. It is critical to assess, align, and lead your workforce through this turbulence. High-impact leaders must listen, invest, and reinvent to shape your organisation’s future.

Organisations lack a defined view of where the workforce is currently against change, what actions should be prioritised to move forward and visibility of progress to see if the actions are working.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

Workforce Assessments Suite enables organisations to better understand the employee perspective during strategic transformational change. It allows the workforce to feel part of the journey, whilst at the same time providing critical data and insight to aid in meaningful decision-making.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

Workforce Assessment brings multiple surveys and Human Capital IP together:

  • CulturePathTM: CulturePathTM is a cloud-based diagnostic tool. It provides a measurement for culture across an organisation providing a data driven baseline and insight into aspects of culture that currently help or hinder the business strategy
  • Engage PathTM: The EngagePathTM solution combines powerful analytics with strategic insights to assess and transform engagement at the organisational and local level. EngagePathTM is built for today’s dynamic business environment with an innovative, analytics-driven approach to assess, improve, and monitor engagement.
  • Digital DNA: Digital DNA helps you achieve your digital ambitions; determine current digital DNA maturity, develop a DNA blueprint for becoming a digitally-capable enterprise and activate minimum viable changes that produce just the right amount of change.
  • Future of Work: Future of Work is an assessment that can accelerate and/or elevate FOW transformation projects. After the diagnostic is deployed, an interactive and customisable data results dashboard is available to engagement teams and clients.

The future of work is changing. Instead of a total rewards program that focuses solely on a paycheck, a retirement plan, and insurance, today’s workers are looking for total relationships: workforce experiences that prioritises the worker’s physical condition, emotional resilience, social connections and financial health and well-being.

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

Rewards Optimisation is a survey-based rewards and compensation tool that helps enable employers to create a total rewards program that attracts, retains, and engages great talent.

What are some of the solution’s key elements?

  • Creating the experience workers crave: Rewards Optimisation can help C-Suite leadership deliver a workforce experience, differentiated based on what workers value and need to meet their objectives and aspirations.
  • Capabilities and tools for customisable insight: Rewards Optimisation offers unique insight into workforce experience, needs and preference- All surveys are completely customisable to any workforce and can include questions beyond a total rewards program.
  • Turning insights into action: Rewards Optimisation produces valuable insights that can be translated into action, including prescriptive analytics that measure program effectiveness and employer investment.
  • Providing a holistic strategy for workers: Understanding what workers want is one part of the equation; the other part of a winning total rewards strategy is to make sure people understand what they are receiving.

What is the Application Maintenance & Support solution?

Deloitte’s Managed Services and Application Maintenance & Support is a subscription-based service that provides tailored IT and Systems support for your payroll & HCM assets. From fully outsourced cloud based SaaS to a simple break-fix - the Deloitte support team can ensure you are getting the most out of your HCM assets such as; SAP Payroll & SuccessFactors, PeopleSoft Payroll & HCM, Oracle eBusiness Payroll & HCM, Kronos & Workday solutions.

Now is the time for you to unlock business value by transitioning to Cloud. As reliance on Cloud continues to expand, we support organisations to unlock business value. The most common issues to handle the impact of Cloud are not about technology; they are around organisation and people.

The spotlight is on organisational leaders to tackle strategic questions about the impact of disruptive change on their workforce. For example, over the next five years, work will be redesigned to take advantage of new technologies creating a need to confidently forecast, test and plan for the future workforce.

How do you forecast, plan and execute workforce strategies with confidence in a complex, rapidly changing environment?

What is Deloitte’s solution to this challenge?

Workforce Foresight is an advanced analytical platform that forecasts workforce supply and demand over multiple planning horizons to enable informed and integrated decision making at all levels of an organisation. By integrating data sources to generate a single source of truth, Workforce Foresight accurately forecasts workforce impacts and rapidly tests scenarios to support organisations on making an informed decision.

What are some of the solution's key elements?

Workforce Foresight provides organisations with the ability to understand the impacts of different scenarios and decisions on the workforce to identify potential possibilities through the below:

  • Customisation: The model and scenarios can be customised to an organisation’s needs and challenges.
  • Flexibility: An open architecture allows for integration with existing technology platforms and systems.
  • Scalability: As workforce planning maturity develops, the model can grow with the organisation, with the ability for more intelligence to be built over time.
  • Interactivity: Intuitive dashboards and interactive reporting allow the right insights to be derived for different audiences.


Reduce uncertainty and improve decision quality with Insights2Action™ —a new free platform from Deloitte.

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