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GBS on Now

Make work ‘flow’ across the silos

GBS on Now is the joint Deloitte and ServiceNow value proposition that perfectly blends the transformation value of a GBS organisation. It merges Deloitte’s market leading GBS strategy and advisory practice, with ServiceNow’s capability for technology orchestration to drive the value seamlessly. 

With GBS on Now, we want to enable GBS leaders understand how they can improve their current operational transformation by breaking the silos to move towards a new operating model.

Transform Work Experiences for the Next Normal

GBS on Now - GBS powered by ServiceNow

One thing is for sure—organisations cannot simultaneously optimise service delivery and customer experience using tools of the past. Transforming a GBS organisation to be truly digital requires integration of speed, scale and insight.

Value dissipates the longer it takes to absorb the change. It’s important that organisations, teams and individuals work in a way that enables them to quickly capitalise on the opportunities that disruptive technology provides.

To successfully capitalise on this opportunity GBS leaders need an understanding of how work is delivered across functions so that change can be driven using a cross-organisational approach.

If leaders can access accurate, timely performance data, they can quickly see where service delivery improvements are needed and can focus finite investment resource most impactfully.

GBS on Now revolves around three themes

GBS Engage, one of our assets, acts as the first point of contact for the Users of GBS as an interface to multiple functions within the GBS organisation via a single unified interface (Universal Request or with Virtual Agent support).

Universal Request—Accelerates the GBS User’s transformation journey to a connected enterprise service delivery model, to provide a seamless employee experience and drive operational efficiency.

GBS Act, drive the flow of work across the enterprise to deliver business services with the help of a unifying platform to avoid the challenges of manual interaction and back and forth communication using a variety of disparate tools.

GBS Perform, provides insight to deliver performance in real-time customised experiences with predictive insights at unparalleled speed.

Within Perform, GBS on Now provides a set of automated insight-driven dashboards (GBS Perform) which integrates data across multiple applications and bring operational and governance insights to support GBS leaders in making analytics-driven decisions.

GBS on Now Podcast

Listen to our GBS leaders talk about the global trends within the GBS markets and how GBS on Now will define the new experiences for GBS leaders in enhancing the User Experience and breaking the silos within multifunctional organisations.

This podcast features:

Candice Sieg, Kort Syverson, Parag Saigaonkar

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Program Partner: Robert Hankey

Program Lead: Shaju Basheer

Partner, GBS and BPO Lead: Candice Sieg

ServiceNow Practice Sponsor: Sean Pepper

GLOBAL GBS Lead: Parag Saigaonkar

AMERICAS GBS Lead: Kort Syverson

EUROPE GBS Lead: Dorthe Keilberg

UK GBS Lead: Punit Bhatia

APAC GBS Lead: Viral Thakker