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Data & AI

With the power of analytics, automation and AI, you can leverage vast data to rapidly deliver cutting-edge insights, optimised processes and business value. Let’s empower your organisation with the right strategy and technology to adapt, evolve and achieve incredible outcomes.

With more than 600 specialists driven by curiosity and excitement for the unsolved, our Data & AI team helps our clients reinvent how they do business through new ideas, insights and technologies.

It’s about unlocking world-class outcomes that make a difference today and shape a better tomorrow. Like solving air and ground transport network issues through our industry-first Optimal Reality digital twin solution, bringing automation capabilities to vaccine rollout programs, or helping businesses move to a sustainable world.

Powered by Data & AI, how will you make the world more incredible?

Intelligent Automation

With intelligent automation, you can enhance operations and achieve process excellence. We help you design for automation and reduce your cost to serve using modern automation platforms that deliver efficiencies and an outstanding customer experience.

Responsive Operations

Your data landscape is constantly evolving, making platform operations a challenge. With responsive operate solutions for your enterprise data and AI platforms, our teams implement continuous delivery practices that enable operations rigour through observability, automation and monitoring while enabling rapid delivery of new features.

Cloud Data & AI Platforms

Cloud-native data and AI platforms deliver insights at scale and at speed, but the transition is often difficult and complex. By using delivery accelerators, along with numerous assets developed through cloud alliances, we help you simplify and speed up implementation of these platforms.

Data Management

Data management foundations and governance structures are crucial for maintaining healthy data assets. We help you design and implement practical data management strategies that deliver incremental value and trusted insights for your stakeholders.

Data Science and MLOps

Our specialists can help you develop a culture of experimentation and continuous learning within your business. Working together, we can transition mission-critical models to operations using our MLOps methodology and integrate insights into operations.

Data & AI Strategy

Using our Insight Driven Organisation framework, we help you design the vision, capabilities and operating model to be a future-ready organisation that uses data, automation and AI to fuel transformation.

Intelligent Content Management

We enable knowledge discovery, sharing and collaboration with next gen tools and channels – including content platforms, search, chatbots and voice – to extract more value from structured and unstructured content.


Our specialists provide ongoing support and management of your data, automation solutions, and AI and machine learning models throughout your technology lifecycles – including infrastructure, tools and security.