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Deloitte: Australia’s first AWS Trusted Secure Enclaves (TSE) Vetted Partner

Supporting you through secure cloud transformation

AWS TSE's are a secure platform for sensitive workloads and data.

Adopting AWS TSE confidently and securely for sensitive and highly sensitive workloads

Deloitte as an AWS TSE Vetted Partner, we can help with your TSE deployments and support your secure compute and networking end state.

  • We deliver end-to-end Design, Build, Operate, and Security services for your TSE-enabled cloud capabilities within AWS, providing you with the tools and resources you need to be successful.
  • We deliver turn-key cloud-native cyber security solutions to help you protect your information, detect threats, and respond to attacks.
  • We specialise in complex and highly-regulated environments, including Federal Government, Defence, National Security, and Critical Infrastructure, delivering high quality services in sensitive contexts.

Together, we can enable you to securely and confidently harness the benefits of hyperscale cloud to unlock agility and scalability for your missions, operations, and innovation.

A dedicated team to establish and secure your TSE-enabled capabilities

Co-design and co-development is part of our DNA. Our team works in partnership with you to deliver across the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, supporting you to envision your target state, align your organisation towards cloud-enabled operations, develop and launch new TSE-enabled capabilities, and scale your services to meet the needs of your organisation, its stakeholders, and your customers and partners.

Supporting your Trusted Secure Enclaves

Advanced cloud solutions to deliver your vision

We deliver a range of secure cloud and networking solutions that can help accelerate your TSE adoption or transformation journey, including secure design and build, secure network operate, and secure networking assurance.

  • Secure Design and Build services: Working with your stakeholders to co-design and co-develop secure-by-design solutions which enable you to transform your organisation and deliver high quality, scalable services.
  • Secure Network Operate services: Supporting your organisation’s service delivery through a range of cost-effective in-source, out-source, and co-source models aligned with the sensitivity and criticality of your services.
  • Secure Networking Assurance services: Delivering capability that assures your secure network solution’s security and integrity through proactive risk management, monitoring, and threat detection.

Secure cloud adoption is a challenge, but you don’t have to manage it alone.

Our models, processes, and services take the guesswork out of moving to secure cloud and networking, allowing you to get started innovating, accelerating, and operating at scale.