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So, what is AI?

The Deloitte AI Institute’s animated approach to boosting fluency levels across Australia

So, what is AI? Well, we’re glad you’re asking, as it shows you’re interested in learning more about this incredible technology.

AI means different things to different people. To some it’s the way of the future; to others it’s a set of complex algorithms powered by neural networks; and to most it’s something they’ve heard about but never fully explored.

At the AI Institute, we like to think of AI as an umbrella term, used to describe multiple technologies and methods that in some way are trying to replicate an element of our human intelligence.

Take, for example, computer vision. In this case, AI is concerned with replicating our ability to ‘see.’ Think of it as giving computers, eyes. Whilst a simple definition, it cuts through a lot of the complex jargon that we often face when heading down our AI fluency journeys.

To help you on your way, we’ve put together a series of fun and engaging animations that explain various elements of AI. We hope you can learn from them so you can begin to understand AI and spot it in your daily lives.

AI is incredible and helps us solve some of the world’s most wicked problems.

So come along with us and Say Hi to AI!

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