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Mastering the next evolution of work

A joint report produced by Deloitte and Lendlease exploring emerging scenarios, shaping future work, workforce and workplace models.

The future of work is both dynamic and complex. All at once, it must respond to the needs of worker, team, leader, and customer. To create or even simply maintain a competitive advantage, we need to recognise change is inevitable. What’s important is how we act in the moment – how we use disruption and uncertainty as a catalyst for truly intentional transformation.

With Lendlease, we’ve explored emerging scenarios shaping future models of work, workforce, and workplace. We challenged ourselves on the 'what if’ scenarios – those that will most profoundly impact your organisation, your people, and the world around you.

We believe in starting from a place of curiosity, approaching each decision as an experiment, and asking questions that engage people about future possibilities, generate new insights and make a bigger positive impact, sooner.

We’ve considered how you can:

  • Embrace the power of choice
  • Enable boundaryless ecosystems
  • Experience the new purpose of the workplace
  • Elevate human performance with technology
  • Engage talent through new worlds

No matter the answers, approaching the future of work, the workforce and the workplace with curiosity and bold optimism will put your organisation in a strong position to create a positive lasting impact.

Contact the authors

  • Andrew Hill +61 410 580 617
  • Nic Scoble-Williams +81 809882 9438
  • Mary Angove +61 400 074 975
  • Alice Drew +61 403 862 819
  • Madeleine Dow +61476 769 597

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