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Behaviour First

Closing the gap between intention and action, one nudge at a time

So many of the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing organisations are ultimately about changing human behaviour.

So many of the most pressing issues for organisations are ultimately about changing human behaviour: adopting new technology, adapting to new ways of working, changing culture, encouraging sustainability, and improving cybersecurity.

But changing behaviour is really hard. Traditional approaches to change in organisations rely on training and communications, which on their own aren’t sufficient to sustainably change behaviour.

Behaviour First takes insights from the social and behavioural sciences, including Anthropology, Behavioural Economics, Neuroscience, Psychology and Sociology and practically applies them to help organisations with their most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Our digital tools, specialist practitioners, and global network of academic relationships enable us to practically apply the best of behavioural science to more effectively drive business outcomes.

We have extensive experience delivering behaviour change projects for clients across industries including mining, oil & gas, banking, insurance, consumer, federal and state government, health, aged care, education, and not for profit.

We accelerate behaviour change using the Behaviour First Co-Pilot to identify target behaviours and understand organisational and psychological barriers to those target behaviours, and the GameChange gamification & digital nudging tool to quickly shift behaviour. Behaviour First Bootcamp builds practical behaviour change capability in your organisation to more effectively sustain behaviour change in the long-term.


Make Change a Game with our gamification platform

Gamification has a long and successful history of changing human behaviour. Any time you earn points, win badges, record a personal best, or maintain streaks – you’re playing a game. For organisations, gamification fast-tracks behaviour change across the workforce and unlocks a number of benefits from better data collection, to personalised experiences that maximise engagement.

GameChange is Deloitte’s proprietary gamification & digital nudging tool that applies behavioural science principles to the change experience to gamify, nudge, and incentivise change in human behaviour.

Key features include:

  • Goal setting with bite-size missions to create more achievable action
  • Commitment devices increase completion rates
  • Reminders and push notifications to nudge participants
  • Reward and recognition to motivate repeat positive behaviour
  • Peer-to-peer recognition makes it social and engaging
  • Leaderboards and badges increase engagement and make change fun.

Learn how to practically apply behavioural science in your organisation

The Behaviour First Bootcamp is a seven step hands-on bootcamp to help you solve a real organisational challenge using Deloitte’s Behaviour First approach. You’ll get access to subscription-only multimedia learning content and expert coaching to build and sustain behaviour change capability within your organisation.

What you’ll get:

  • Work on a real life challenge or opportunity from your organisation
  • Foundational understanding of how to practically apply behavioural science in your organisation
  • Flexible learning to fit your workload
  • Tailored coaching from Deloitte’s organisational behaviour change experts
  • Access to Deloitte’s leading behavioural change approach, framework, and tools
  • Access to interactive multimedia content, delivered on-the-go via app or web browser.
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