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AI Bricks: Automated guardrails to keep your AI safe

Dive into the future of AI with AI Bricks - an innovative solution shaping how organisations deploy their AI with confidence. Explore how it operationalises ModelOps, ensures fairness, and empowers organisations to deploy ethical AI at scale.

With concerns rising from events like the Robodebt Royal Commission and The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation, and Financial Services Industry, Deloitte's Trustworthy AI framework is the go-to guide for organisations aiming to develop ethical and reliable AI solutions.

Now, organisations can automate the application and adherence to their Trustworthy framework through AI Bricks. AI Bricks provides a robust, and scalable solution for ensuring fairness in AI deployment - hard coding the organisation's trust expectations and ethical principles into the AI model build and deploy process - an absolute must in today's AI-conscious world.

AI Bricks allows organisations to roll out AI models confidently without compromising on fairness and ethical considerations. Rather than having to identify use case and ethical considerations with each model development, undertake rigorous testing and codifying acceptance criteria,  AI Bricks embeds principles, standards and regulations into the model deployment process, covering ethical, strategic, or performance based measures.

Our approach to implementing AI guardrails

Once models meet the acceptance criteria, a comprehensive report is shared with stakeholders, and successful models move on to deployment. Continuous monitoring via a centralised "Mission Control" view keeps a real-time check on model performance, data drift, and business impact—empowering organisations to manage a scaled AI environment with multiple models effectively. AI Bricks is a technology agnostic solution, with implementations developed across all the major cloud providers and ML platforms.

To ensure effective outcomes, AI Bricks collaborates with clients to define use cases, acceptance criteria, fairness criteria and other business and regulatory thresholds specific to the organisation's needs. This flexibility ensures that AI Bricks not only suits diverse platforms but also aligns with the unique goals, risk appetites, and business requirements of organisations across industries. As organisations navigate the journey of building ethical and reliable AI solutions, AI Bricks stands ready to empower them—assuring fairness and trustworthiness in AI deployments across various platforms and industries.

AI is moving fast and implementing guardrails is increasingly important. If you want to ensure your AI driven offerings keep pace with the market safely then you need AI Bricks.

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