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A leading energy technology company relies on Workday and Deloitte to unite HR resources

How did a leading energy technology company elevate their HR function to be more strategic than tactical, which led them to more effectively cultivate talent and generate insights that would empower the company’s future success? Learn how they created one Human Capital Management (HCM) system with the help of Deloitte and Workday.

This energy technology company’s current state represents the combination of two legacy companies. The result of a simultaneous divestiture and merger, the two entities needed to work together to optimise resources, taking on the challenge of bringing together their legacy organisations. As Human Resources (HR) leadership set out to combine the legacy organisations’ human capital operations, they exemplified the company’s innovative attitude toward digital transformation. Committed to leveraging new tools and innovative technologies and taking a “think bigger” approach, they set out to create one Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

The company needed to centralise data for easier access and analysis, harmonise processes across the organisation, and enable self-service for employees. They also wanted to elevate the HR function to be more strategic than tactical, recognising an opportunity to cultivate talent and generate insights that would empower the company’s future success. The company team approached the implementation with realistic expectations, knowing that the result would be worth any extra effort at the beginning. Among the earliest decisions included selecting Workday as the flagship project within their programme for their comprehensive IT revamp. The initiative would provide a comprehensive set of tools to HR leaders that is consistent, innovative, and integrated—and ultimately, improve the experience of employees. The company then selected Deloitte as their Workday implementation collaborator confident they could rely on the company’s experience in the energy domain and its global perspective. Deloitte brought the knowledge and know-how necessary to grasp the timing and breadth of a complex project that required navigating multiple cultures, geographies, and industry groups.

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This energy technology company chose Deloitte because of their domain and bench strength. They needed a collaborator who would pressure test every aspect of the implementation. What they were able to accomplish together in an eighteen-month stretch speaks volumes about the strength of the organisation.

Workday went live for all company employees within eighteen months. The new solution has already begun to change ways of working within the organisation, a transformation that would not have been possible without Deloitte’s steady guidance in thinking through and pressure-testing every aspect of the transition. Leaders now have greater responsibility for their teams, and previously complex HR processes can be completed automatically and effortlessly.
During the COVID-19 situation, the Workday solution gave this energy technology company a head-start as employees made the transition to a remote work environment and helped to foster an environment of collaboration and care. Managers valued being able to provide support and oversight to employees working from home. Employees appreciated being able to log into the mobile app. As more people across the company engage with the solution, the company is continuously finding ways to make the solution work even better for them. To learn more, download the pdf to read the full story.

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