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Digital Diversity Pathway

A new diverse workforce boosts technology jobs

Digital is here now, but are we ready? 87% of jobs in Australia require digital literacy skills(1) – and by 2025 the country will need another 156,000 digital technology workers. To help bridge this skills gap and pave the way for more diversity in the technology sector, Deloitte and Salesforce teamed up to launch a unique new talent development program.

The new Digital Career Compass program focuses on reaching a diverse cross-section of the community – including Indigenous Australians, women returning to the workforce, retired athletes, and former military service men and women. It gives adults the chance to be trained in technical and business skills and kick-start a new career in technology. But that’s not all. The program will boost the sector’s diversity, upskill a new pool of candidates and help close the significant skills gap.

Claire Gillies, Deloitte Salesforce Alliance Lead and overall firm-wide Alliances Lead, says, “In response to the growing technical skills gap in Australia we wanted to take a lead on being part of the solution. This unique program with one of our key alliance partners creates a diverse development program that gives people the opportunity to learn new skills. Candidates are nominated by a number of community organisations who help us identify individuals who would benefit from the training. Our focus is on working with candidates who demonstrate the right aptitude and attitude, rather than on higher education qualifications, to reflect the rich diversity of our community.”

“Deloitte and the program’s NFP partners will help Australians from all backgrounds enter rewarding new careers.” - Tara Ridley, VP Alliances and Channels, Salesforce ANZ

The first cohort of candidates exceeded the gender targets with 77% of the cohort identifying as female. Participants are completing the course at their own pace which provides the flexibility to accommodate work and family commitments whilst upskilling. They have access to Salesforce’s Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp program, enabling them to achieve Salesforce Administrator certification. Complimenting their technical skills, students will also refine critical business skills with Deloitte-led training, mentoring from highly experienced professionals, career support and access to masterclasses.  During the 12-week training period, participants will be connected with employers in the Salesforce ecosystem. In fact, IDC Research, commissioned by Salesforce, found that by 2026 Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners and customers will add over 104,000 new jobs in Australia.

Eloise Lloyd, Partner Talent Programs, Salesforce APAC, says, “The technology industry needs to better represent the diversity we see in the Australian community. This new program and career pathway creates benefits for both employers and these individuals. Diversity brings new ideas, new thinking and new ways of working and this is a great example of industry and non-profits coming together to do good and create meaningful impact.”

This initiative also contributes to Deloitte’s global commitment to impact 100 million futures by 2030. Find out more about WorldClass here.

Connect with participating community organisations:

We encourage interested participants to reach out to one of the below participating community organisations for further information on the program and how to apply.

  • Australian Athletes Alliance: Providing opportunities for elite athletes to learn valuable skills to assist them with a meaningful career beyond sport
  • Australian Veterans Employment Coalition: Helping veterans transition from service to civilian life
  • Fitted for Work: Upskilling women and providing them with opportunities to re-enter the workforce
  • Goanna Solutions: Offering indigenous community members the opportunity to develop skills for the future, access to employment opportunities and networks 

1. Ready, set, upskill: effective training for the jobs of tomorrow, RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics, 2021

“This program gives me the opportunity to develop tech skills which people in the workforce have already been developing while I’ve been playing professional sports. Now I can upskill while still playing basketball, so when I transition careers I don’t have that dead time.” - AJ Ogilvy, program participant

“This is a good way to give back to the ecosystem. I have learned a lot, and it would be great to make at least one individual more skilful and get them back to the tech ecosystem.” - Vinayak Dixit, industry mentor

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