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Digital Bridge Building

How collaboration between marketing and tech leaders can drive growth

Digital transformation is widely accepted as necessary to stay competitive in modern business, but too often large digital projects fail, causing fallout throughout the organisation, creating ongoing technical problems, and wasting valuable budget.

Why isn’t investment in digital transformation projects alone enough to guarantee success and improve business outcomes? The answer may well be that success increasingly relies on tight collaboration across business units, particularly between marketing and technology leaders.

New research by Deloitte Access Economics in partnership with Sitecore shows that collaboration between marketing and technology functions is critical to making the most of digital investments.

When collaboration is centred around customer needs, businesses leading the way in collaboration forecast an additional 11% revenue growth in the next year.

If your business is struggling with unclear goals and decision-making challenges, or facing obstacles due to legacy marketing technology, it's time to take action.

Seize the opportunity to transform your team's collaboration and efficiency. Schedule a complimentary 90-minute consultation with a Deloitte expert.

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