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ISSB standards will change reporting

Practical insights for Audit & Risk committees

Practical insights for Audit & Risk committees

Society at large needs to overcome a myriad of challenges to effectively address climate change and transition to a net zero future. Addressing these challenges presents us with the opportunity to transform the way we live and work, which requires transformation at scale.

As Audit and Risk Committee executives, it’s important that you and your organisation’s leadership, strategy and finance teams navigate a complex landscape of disparate climate and sustainability reporting and disclosure requirements to develop a consistent global baseline for sustainability-related financial disclosures.

Why? Because if you don’t clearly show what your organisation is doing to take climate action and decarbonise, your employees, customers and investors will likely be drawn to those that do.

In this report we explore what you can do to get your organisation ready for ISSB now, in an ambiguous reporting environment, even though the ISSB standards haven’t yet been finalised. Thoughtful planning and preparation can help you unlock new opportunities while managing key risks provides you with the opportunity to build competitive advantage for your organisation in the age of climate.

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