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Treasury Managed Services

Deloitte’s Treasury Managed Service provides a cost effective alternative to organisations by providing access to specialist resources and systems on an as needed basis. 

How does it work?

The offering covers most aspects of a treasury (as illustrated in the treasury wheel) and is modularised, allowing customers to pick which treasury services they require and when. For example: An organisation requiring assistance with their cash management and derivative accounting for financial reporting purposes, could select the virtual treasury staff member for two days every fortnight to assist with cash management and the treasury accounting offering to deal with the financial reporting.

As the organisation grows, more services can be added as required.

The costs to the organisation will depend on the type of service selected, the frequency and volume of deals involved.

"In house" Treasury vs. a Treasury Managed Service.

It is a cost effective way to tackle treasury operations, whereby our specialised Deloitte treasury staff, under management direction, take care of all, or selected treasury functions. We use proprietary technology and therefore you no longer have to concern yourself with the expensive upfront implementation cost and ongoing licence fees.

This offering might be of specific interest to you if:

  • You are under pressure to deliver treasury services in a faster and cost effective way
  • The treasury function is a non-core activity of your business
  • You buy and sell in overseas markets, with exposure to foreign exchange
  • You would like to scale up or down (expand through mergers & acquisitions or open new locations)
  • You have limited staff and segregation of duties is a problem.

Why Treasury is important to an organisation

Most organisations are exposed to a variety of financial risks, beginning with managing cash effectively, through to raising cost effective funding, and dealing with the impact on financial performance from foreign exchange or interest rate risks.

Treasury has increasingly become a strategic business partner across the business, adding value to the organisation: e.g. working with the procurement to establish financial contract terms. Market conditions also reinforce the need for organisations to ensure that their financial position is managed as efficiently as possible, reducing the need for excess working capital - 'cash is king' is still relevant today.

Managing these risks requires an organisation to develop an effective treasury function with all the capabilities as illustrated in the value wheel (refer below). However this can be costly and difficult to implement.

The treasury function helps organisations manage external factors, through providing timely reports to management and the Board reflecting the risks of running the business. In this way management and the Board can make informed and timely decisions to mitigate risks.Operationally, the treasury of the future embraces transformation in order to capitalise on the benefits of data, technical expertise, robotics and technology. The function is constantly looking for ways to decrease operational cost and increase efficiency.The biennial Deloitte Global Treasury survey was released in the second half of 2017 with the main strategic challenges faced by treasurers being volatility of and access to group cash, operations and exposures, and working in restricted markets, with 75% of respondents identifying 3 or more concerns for their company. A key concern around technology is the speed with which the market is moving and being able to identify "which train to jump on", and the impact of tax and regulatory reforms is an emerging challenge.

If you would like more information, assistance or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to one of our team members below.

Published: July 2018

Case Studies of Treasury Managed Service Offering

Helping our clients to manage cash, exposure on a variety of financial risks and raising cost effective funding.

We assisted a provider of energy efficient solutions for building facilities throughout Australia and the United States with a working capital issue.