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Compliance and Regulatory Change Advisory

An effective and efficient approach to compliance risk management and regulatory change is essential for enabling organisations to deliver positive customer and consumer outcomes and to be commercially successful.

Good compliance is an organisational outcome. Achieving a good outcome is increasingly important as higher community and regulatory expectations on good conduct and fair treatment continue to evolve both locally and globally. Compliance functions need to be more agile, responsive and efficient to meet organisational challenges and external pressures.

Transforming Compliance functions must be approached strategically and deliberately, with a focus on organisational outcomes in order to achieve an efficient, effective, proactive function.

Organisations are faced with an ever increasing volume and complexity of regulatory change and must work to integrate these changes within the business operating structure in order to remain focussed on client outcomes and not become overburdened by compliance and regulatory requirements.

Our team includes former regulators and professionals with years of industry-specific experience to help clients protect their reputations, avoid costly failures, engage with regulators and effectively remediate past errors. We provide the expertise needed to anticipate and proactively manage compliance challenges and integrate regulatory requirements within your organisation’s strategy so you can focus on the task of growing your business.

Deloitte can help you ensure your organisation’s regulatory compliance framework and monitoring tools are robust enough to meet the challenges of an ever-changing regulatory environment through the following solutions and services:

  • Enterprise-wide compliance risk Management framework (CRMF) design
  • Compliance framework maturity assessment and Compliance function maturity assessment
  • Regulatory obligations and control Mapping
  • Compliance training for business units and Compliance teams.
  • Interpreting and advising on regulatory driven change to enable effective organisation wide implementation of ISO 37301, a standard that can be certified against.

The State of Compliance Survey: 2020