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Policies, procedures and governance

Policies, procedures and governance are the foundations for control, operating efficiency and compliance for any organisation.

Clearly defined policies and procedures that are communicated effectively across the organisation will foster a culture of compliance and governance through defined expectations of employee behaviour and principles. 

Our experience shows that many organisations policies and procedures:

  • Are hard to read
  • Are unused
  • Are not up to date
  • Are not used as they were intended
  • Are not governed.

The existence of weak policies and procedures reduces the effectiveness of business operations, with increased queries from staff, breakdown in compliance and governance, and the loss of specific business knowledge resultant from undocumented operational processes.

Deloitte can work with your organisation to develop or improve existing policies through our technical expertise in policy development; our knowledge and ability to access a wide depository of benchmarked best practices and by working with you develop a plan and implement changes across the organisation.

Further, we can work with your business to define and develop appropriate procedures to ensure adherence to developed organisational policies. Deloitte will drive best practice deliverables that are easy to understand and apply, through mediums tailored to your organisation, including prescriptive documents or visual mapping. 

Our point of view surrounding policies in finance is captured in the thought leadership attached.

Contact us to discuss how Deloitte can help work with you to improve or develop policies and processes, or to access case studies about how we’ve helped our clients.