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Payment Times Reporting Scheme

FairPayment by Deloitte. Helping you gain valuable insights through compliance and streamline the process of PTR (Payment Times Reporting).

Accelerating small businesses payments can have a positive impact across the Australian economy, but we understand that it can be a costly and time-consuming exercise for large enterprises to gain visibility into where they might be falling short with their payment times to small businesses.

FairPayment is cloud-based meaning that you’ll benefit from regular releases and improvements to our software platform from our PTRS experts who regularly make changes to ensure that processes and reports are kept up to date. Our self-serve solution enables you to manage your bi-annual reporting obligations and provide on-going insights on your payment performance to small business suppliers.

How can we help?

Our PTR experts and data specialists have helped numerous organisations gain confidence with their submission. Our review process is designed to provide an objective view, stress test your inhouse approach and offer suggestions to mitigate risk. 

Reduce PTRS preparation time from days to hours! Our cloud-based solution provides a self-serve experience that empowers your organisation to prepare, calculate and finalise the required information to assist in your submission to the regulator.

Extend your data and augment your business decision with insights through compliance! Our solution can pin-point levers to uplift payment performance, reduce costs and better manage risk within the accounts payable function.

Want to know more? Speak to a PTR expert to learn more about how FairPayment can help you. Contact us

How does it work?

  1. Input your data
    Easily upload supplier master and invoices data from your ERP in the required format across all entities via our simple Do-It-Yourself Self Service portal.
  2. Run analysis
    Map data fields, apply parameters and run the suite of available-for-use analyses.
  3. View draft report
    View and share the analysis results with your team to confirm payment performance and determine actionable insights. You are able to regularly review and revise all inputted data.
  4. Generate submission template
    Generate a fully populated template and an approval form for the authorised company officer for submission.

Easy to get started 

Simple and easy self-service experience. We provide sample templates and an easy-to-use portal where you can upload all of your raw invoice data. We have designed the experience of uploading the required data from working with our PTR specialists saving you time. 

Improved confidence 

Once your data is uploaded, we check that it contains the required information for submission to the regulator. You are able to easily make changes to any data errors identified to help give you confidence that each submission follows the requirements outlined in the Act. 

Inspire confidence 

After we apply our proprietary algorithms to analyse your data, we are able to provide you with unique insights that, not only help you comply with the requirements of the PTRS but also help to unlock potential improvements in your procurement to payment process. 

Simplified submission 

In order to streamline your report submission process the reports generated adhere to the requirements of the PTRS. The report, in combination with other insights available can also be used for internal stakeholder reporting. 

Easily repeatable 

After your initial report submission, we can leverage all of the tagging and updated input data for the regular process of reviewing your invoice payment times to small businesses. This helps to streamline the process of generating your next report. 

Actionable insights 

Our solution goes beyond supporting compliance with PTRS. We also provide you with insights you can action. One such example is our ‘Payment Process Optimiser’ insight report which identifies opportunities to accelerate payments to small suppliers through various action levers between days to pay and on-time payment according to payment terms.

Drag & drop upload

A simple and intuitive data ingestion and mapping interface to help you easily get started. 

Data quality engine

Over 40+ data validation tests on your data. Quickly pin-point issues impacting your submission accuracy. 

Interactive dashboards

Visually explore payment performance and view data calculation flow to identify insights and opportunities. 

Submission file generator

Guided workflow to finalise and download the submission templates with performance prepopulated. 

Data recipes

Downloadable data requirements and sample data to define the input data needs. 

Help Centre

To help you easily find answers for how to troubleshoot common data issues. 

Propriety data

Apply proprietary Deloitte data assets to challenge small businesses identified. 

Extended algorithm library 

Leverage our vast library of algorithms to monitor performance of unpaid invoices and much more.