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Lease accounting services

A monthly or quarterly lease accounting service designed to meet your AASB 16 compliance and reporting needs.

Deloitte’s Lease accounting services takes time, cost and effort out of your business as usual finance processes to help you manage your AASB 16 lease accounting requirements.

The Way it Works

You provide your lease data through our standardised Excel templates (transition, new leases, lease modifications), upload it into our secure online portal and we do the rest to provide you with accurate, timely and complete journal entries and reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Lease accounting services

Benefits to You:

  • Lower total cost of ownership in terms of IT management and resourcing costs as it is based on a subscription model
  • No need to invest in expensive software or undertake complex IT implementation projects
  • Staff can focus their time on core responsibilities
  • Access to specialist advice, analyses, management support and actionable insights regarding all aspects of leasing
  • Data is secure, owned and controlled by you
  • Reduced risk of non-compliance with AASB 16
  • Centralised access to state of the art technology solution
  • Broad integrated service offering powered by our innovative solutions
  • Accurate, timely and complete journal entries and provision of reporting for disclosure requirements
  • Audit trail and reports provided to support auditor’s requirements
  • Option to extend the subscription model at the end of year one or bring the solution in house.