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Cyber security & technology change

A topic near the top of most boards' agenda

The impact of technology on almost all business is becoming more and more pervasive; strong effective governance from the board is required to optimise benefits and manage risks.

Over the past few years, technology investment and deployment has expanded dramatically, and digital transformation that was already underway in many organizations moved forward at a rate few could have predicted. Deloitte research shows that 85% of CEOs accelerated digital initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. This acceleration was strategically appropriate to manage demographic and behavioural changes and take advantage of swiftly developing technologies.

Obtaining the benefits and managing the risks associated with scale technology change programmes requires strong governance and risk management so that financial, security, cyber and other operational risk can be effectively mitigated. As changes arise, we will provide a range of perspectives to aid directors and executives to govern technology change and risk effectively.

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