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Third Party Assurance (TPA) Insights and Benchmarking Report

8th Edition

Deloitte releases the 8th edition of its TPA insights and benchmarking report, which provides perspectives from survey participants around the future of TPA reporting, and trends from analysing 70 TPA reports across Australia and globally.

In this report, we provide a summary of insights gained from:

  • Surveying industry participants during our “Future of TPA” webinar held in March 2021
  • Benchmarking 70 service organisations controls reports in Australia and internationally
  • Our experience in working with a range of large and small local and global clients

This report aims to:

  • Enhance your understanding of current and emerging third party risks and trends
  • Provide insight into the future of third party assurance reporting
  • Share useful perspectives from peer group,
  • Assist you in comparing your control environment to others through our benchmarking analysis.
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