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Introducing ISO 37301 on Compliance Management

Are you ready for ISO 37301?

Stakeholder expectations make it vital for organisations to demonstrate a proactive approach to compliance management. We can help you build effective frameworks and controls.

ISO 37301 was released and replaced ISO 19600 from 13 April 2021. Organisations should be able to be certified against it from early 2022. Now is the time to be pro-active and address the coming changes in compliance expectations for your organisation.

Deloitte has collaborated with business stakeholders across diverse sectors to create a Compliance Management Framework to reflect an organisation’s unique culture and to encourage broad engagement across its teams.

By embedding consistency and accountability at every stage, we have designed an end-to-end compliance framework to build internal and external stakeholder trust and help meet evolving compliance expectations. This framework delivers a standard way to design, assess, implement, and continuously improve compliance functions as they develop toward value creation along the compliance maturity spectrum.

How can Deloitte help?

Align Expectations: Conduct interviews and workshops with internal and external stakeholders to understand organisational priorities and use the insights that have been generated to identify key challenges and develop a roadmap to deliver in line with your business strategy.

Evaluate Controls and Process: Review existing business processes and control through deep dive enquiries, assessment of the cost of compliance and FTE requirements to develop a view on what needs to change and what needs to be true to realise significant improvements in quality.

Identify Suitable Technology: Develop a view on how technologies can be leveraged to solve key challenges; leverage in-house solutions and identify new emerging technologies to address these.

Create Prototypes and Implement: Develop beta and MVP applications in production environment to test, collect feedback and reiterate in an agile fashion.

Scale Solutions: Develop a long-term compliance strategy and framework, controls and, as needed, RegTech adoption strategies, as well as identify solutions which can be scaled further for your business.

Identify your Regulatory Universe: Identify current new, and/or amended regulations that impact your business and adequately respond to the regulator and authority focus areas.

Improve Governance: Establish good governance practices, including regular reviews, a fit for purpose target operating model to help to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of compliance frameworks.

Monitor, Manage & Report: Assist in ongoing monitoring, management and reporting as a managed service for your organisation and help organisations proactively navigate regulatory change and build sustainable compliance solutions.

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