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Understanding the GPFS requirements for CBC reporting entities

Clarity in financial reporting

Affected entities are required to prepare and lodge general purpose financial statements (GPFS) in respect of each relevant income year.

This publication:

  • Explains the ‘GPFS requirements’ arising under the Tax Administration Act 1953
  • Provides guidance on how to determine if an entity is subject to the GPFS requirements
  • Analyses the requirements and options in meeting the GPFS requirements
  • Explains what GPFS can be prepared under Australian Accounting Standards, the various ‘tiers’ of reporting, the differences between them, and the impact of the removal of the reporting entity concept for many private sector for-profit entities
  • Provides a series of frequently asked questions
  • Outlines many common examples to assist entities in understanding and applying the requirements.

Download the publication to learn more.

This publication was updated in April 2021 to expand the information related to Australian Accounting Standards - Simplified Disclosures, and to provide cross-references between resources available.

Published: February 2021

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