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Revised financial reporting deadlines for December 2020

Clarity in financial reporting

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission and ASX Limited have extended the COVID-19 key reporting deadlines relief to the December 2020 reporting season.

Consistent with the position at June 2020, at December 2020:

  • Most entities reporting under Chapter 2M and 7 of the Corporations Act 2001 will have an additional month to comply with reporting deadlines, e.g. an unlisted large proprietary company will have five rather than four months to lodge annual financial reports
  • The deadline for holding Annual General Meetings continues to be extended by two months and can be held using electronic means
  • ASX listed entities will have additional time for some deadlines – but will still be required to file their Appendix 4D or Appendix 4E in the normal timeframes and/or lodge unaudited or unreviewed financial reports
  • ASX listed entities will also need to disclose to the ASX that they are taking advantage of the ASIC relief and consider their continuous disclosure obligations (even though these have also been modified in response to the COVID‑19 pandemic)

The extensions apply for financial reporting periods ending on or before 7 January 2021.


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