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Remediation Advisory

Our Remediation Advisory activities have their genesis in Financial Advice and the ASIC regulatory oversight in this area both from an advice quality and fees for no service perspective.

However, we are finding that remediation activities are no longer limited to these issues, but are expanding to include issues more broadly in financial services and non-financial services.  As organisations proactively identify compliance failures, in their business operations they may be required to undertake a review and potentially a remediation program to compensate affected clients and/ or stakeholders.

Our services include:

We co-design with our clients bespoke and pragmatic review and remediation programs that reflect the organisation’s particular circumstances.  We design with an eye on the relevant regulatory frameworks and guidance and leverage our experience as a leading remediation services provider.  We work within our client’s governance structure to lead them through a facilitated design process that results in a methodology and related collateral that is executable and results in fair customer outcomes. 

Typically, we are appointed as an independent expert where our client is under regulatory scrutiny and the regulator has requested that an Independent Expert be appointed.  In these engagements, we provide an independent assessment of the design and operating effectiveness of a client’s business process.  The outcome of our work, is captured in a report, which includes our consideration of whether the design and operating effectiveness of the business process is “fit for purpose” and will achieve the appropriate outcomes.

Assist our clients to identify the relevant internal and external stakeholders to map their needs and considerations.  Once a robust stakeholder mapping exercise has been performed, we work with clients to develop key messages and engagement strategies. 

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