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PTRS Fact Sheet

The Payment Times Reporting Scheme (PTRS) is complex, demands rigorous accuracy and deep trust in your data and reportable metrics.



With mandatory public disclosure of metrics, significant financial penalties of up to 0.6% of total income and $93.9k per day for late submissions, the importance of precision in your compliance strategy is paramount to safeguard your reputational integrity. Partner with experts who navigate these complexities daily.

What is the Scheme?
The Scheme aims to promote transparency, help small businesses make informed decisions about who they do business with, and improve cash flow for small enterprises by encouraging prompt payments. It requires large businesses to publicly disclose how quickly they pay small business invoices.

Who must report?
Effective 1 January 2021, Australian businesses with income greater than $100m and entities within the group with more than $10m must report twice a year.

What information must be reported?
Each reporting entity must report over 60 data points with respect to their payment practices to small business suppliers including information about the entity, payment terms, aggregated payment time metrics in duration bands of within 20 days, 21-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, and more than 120 days as well as other qualitative details.





About our software

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Our FairPayment cloud-based solution not only fast-tracks your compliance journey but also boosts your support to the backbone of the Australian economy - the small businesses. With FairPayment, turn your payment practices into a showcase of your enterprise's integrity and efficiency.

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Key Benefits

How we can help?

Accelerate your 1st report

Our PTR experts and data specialists will help you accelerate reporting and gain confidence on your submission.

Validate your calculations

Provide an objective view and stress test your in-house approach and calculations to give you peace of mind.

Legal support

Support your reporting entity eligibility process and regulator response preparation.

On-going submission support

Affordable managed service of your on-going reporting requirements driving efficiency and quality.


DIY with our cloud-based software empowering you to upload data, analyse the results and generate your submissions.

Uncover actionable insights

Supporting you to uncover value through compliance, uplift payment performance, benchmark against comparable peers, and optimise costs and working capital.

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