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Sustainability Reporting Readiness Assessment
powered by Deloitte’s SustainNext™


Deloitte’s Generative AI-enabled accelerator used by our Climate and Sustainability experts to fast-track ESG reporting gap analysis.

SustainNext™ uses generative AI to quickly collate, analyse and organise your information against the reporting requirements. It identifies where you have relevant public disclosures and maps these against the reporting requirements and generates a preliminary view from the outset that our SMEs review and validate.

With an intuitive web-based workflow, SustainNext™ facilitates task allocations and progress tracking for our SME reviewers, reducing the need for manual spreadsheets, significantly reducing administration and time.

Progress and insights are presented through visual dashboards in SustainNext™ from the outset, updated dynamically, allowing you to view progress in real-time.

Our Climate and Sustainability experts work with you and your team through a series of interactive labs to understand your current capability gaps and help develop a readiness roadmap to support your compliance journey.



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