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Match Cloud

An automated, cloud-based, all-in-one Data Management Platform that helps to enhance your organisations data capabilities, improving customer experience, reducing operational cost and uncovering new business opportunities.


Say goodbye to unwanted data silos and fragmented processes with Match Cloud, Deloitte's cloud-based data management platform.


Match Cloud is a Data Management Platform that enables you to integrate your data from disparate (siloed) systems to achieve a single 'Golden Record'.

Match Cloud gathers all relevant data records and then cleanses, matches, and reconciles to generate a single source of truth. This will establish a trusted 360-degree view of your customers, suppliers, employees, products, assets, and more.

Coupled with a unique combination of sector knowledge, technology expertise, implementation experience, and proven IP, the Match Cloud team can help you establish a proven, end-to-end data management solution.

Let Match Cloud help you unlock the true potential of your data.

Product Features

Data Synchronisation

Consolidate, synchronise and reconcile data from all your source systems into a Data Hub to create a single source of truth golden records. Users can load and consolidate all their information using scheduled batch uploads, Real-Time REST APIs or Web Services, or simply drag and drop relevant files.

Data Quality

Build clean Golden Records by defining the data quality rules - ensuring cleansed data. Match incoming records to remove duplication, correct inconsistencies, and resolve out-of-date records.

Data Enrichment

Match Cloud provides a connection to third parties such as Australia Post, ACMA DNCR registers, Equifax, and the Australian Business Registers to enhance and enrich your data with additional information and integrated verification checkers, to ensure accuracy.

Data Governance

Match Cloud’s data stewardship capabilities empower businesses to put governance at the forefront and protect their data.

Data Lifecycle

Match Cloud’s data stewardship capabilities empower businesses to govern and protect their data.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Match Cloud provides real-time insights and analytics to help businesses make data-driven decisions. The easy-to-use interface allows for personalisation of data and the fast creation of reports and dashboards to generate insights and track data compliance.

Key Product Benefits

Evidence and Statistics


of emails in the average database are wrong as a result of the frequency in data changes.


phone numbers change every day, impacting customer contact preference data and leading to poor customer management.


of all data is identified as duplicated and removed by Match Cloud clients, Saving storage and processing costs.

Alliances and Collaborations

Our Clients

Bank of Guam

“‘At Bank of Guam, we have always valued the customer above all else. It’s why our personalised customer service was – and remains - second to none. However, most of the personalised information was tied to the agents assisting particular customers, and there was no way to unify that data for real-time, comprehensive access. Thanks to Match Cloud, we now have a consolidated single view of the customer, which has made our exceptional banking experience even more personalised.”

  • Of 410, 596 records, 7.7% were identified as duplications.
  • 21, 489 major data quality issues found
  • During an in-depth cleanse of the credit card database, 28.7% of the data was discovered to include errors.

Typical Use Cases

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