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Plan for the future with confidence

Accurately forecast supply and demand of key business resources so you can plan for the future with confidence, over multiple planning horizons and at all levels of your organisation.

Foresight overview

Build a clear view of future resource opportunities and risks so that you can plan, execute and adapt to change with confidence.

Foresight is a SaaS solution that provides accurate forecasts across complex demand, supply and financial impacts of single or multiple resource types. Empowering productivity through future clarity, Foresight gives you access to informed and integrated decision-making at all levels of your organisation.

Powered by analytics: An advanced analytics platform, user interface, and scenario planning functionality delivers insight-rich visualisations and allows for highly granular forecast accuracy tracking over time.

Single source of truth: Generate a single source of truth to accurately forecast workforce, supply chain, and infrastructure asset impacts.

Multiple planning horizons: Next day, 20 years from now, daily, shift, hourly. Understand the short and long-term and create scenarios to test and make sense of future possibilities.

Leverages your systems: Foresight can built on existing system investments, plugging into your planning suite to integrate and leverage multiple data sources.

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Speed to value

Deliver value in weeks rather than months. Foresight delivers value at the early stages of investment.


Adapt the platform to existing technology and planning ecosystems. Foresight integrates multiple data sources and connects to visualisation tools – and rapidly expands functionality with low code.

Always-on Planning

Develop long-term strategic plans based on anticipated market insights, identify new opportunities for growth and adjust business operations accordingly.

Forecast accuracy tracking

Establish trust in the model to make decisions with confidence, knowing you’re always using the best prediction models and forecasts.

Grows with you

Meet your forecasting and planning needs now, then grow into the proactive organisation you want to be with our Plan, Forecast and Operate packages.

Market leading professional services

Whether you need a little help, or a lot, get access to expert professional services to assist with implementing, customising and adopting.

Key statistics


Improvement in supply forecast accuracy


Improvement in demand forecast accuracy


Workforce productivity uplift through enhanced workforce management practices


Reduction in public transport cancellations caused by resource shortages

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