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Enabling voices to be heard and truth to be told

A premier end-to-end digitised solution for Commissions, courts, and arbitration proceedings. Our expert team has over 15 years’ experience in delivering a secure hearing book platform, evidence presentation services, high-quality seamless live-streaming, virtual hearings and remote witness management.


Impactful eHearings solutions in an increasingly digital world

When considering an eHearings solution for your matter, what should be important to you?

- A service that can connect critical stakeholders across devices, locations and technology securely and confidentially. 
- The ability to drive efficiencies, reducing the overall cost while not impacting the quality of information, service and outcomes.

The ability to leverage the technology and bring the case to life using impactful presentation tools.

Whatever the outcome you seek, our eHearings specialists  are here to  customise a solution that is right for you. Our services include best-in-class live streaming, customised video conferencing, instantaneous document and evidence presentation, and an industry-leading hearing book system for legal and justice professionals across all hearing types.

Place your trust in Deloitte’s eHearings, and free up your focus to concentrate on providing the best legal service to your clients.



A secure, reliable, and interoperable platform

Transition discovery data efficiently, reducing cost

Deliver wireless and easily configurable solutions

Access high-quality video and audio

Broadcast to any room around the country or internationally in under a day

Minimise risks associated with remote technology environments

Save time and costs by reducing printing and therefore shuffling through paper documents

End-to-end facilitation of technology setup and procedures

Rely on a trusted team of experts with extensive industry experience


How does it work?

Engage with clients – Our experienced eHearings team will tailor a suite of services that align with your requirements.

Consultancy for the early stages of the engagement – Seamless integration into your team and collaboration on building out a scope, budget, and delivery milestones for the engagement.

Configuration of courtrooms and technology setup - Professional courtroom and technology are ready to go, delivered within short notice. For unavoidable last-minute changes such as location or witness changes, eHearings addresses physical, virtual, and remote circumstances and confidently deploys services accurately and quickly without compromising quality or security.

Handling the processes during the hearings – Managing and facilitating the tech during the hearings, such as finding and displaying evidence on the screen instantly or setting up and embedding the live stream of the hearing on a website.

Client Story - Government Commissions and Inquiries

Use Cases

Real life application available in a broad range of use cases:

- Class actions and litigation,
- Arbitration,
- Commissions and inquiries.

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