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Deloitte Cube

Deloitte Cube is an intelligent document processing solution that unlocks information within documents and provides unique data insights to accelerate the decision making process.


Organisations worldwide are contending with the weight of their own data. Each day provides more information, yet actionable insights remain few and far between.


Maintaining a competitive advantage calls for smarter ways to extract maximum value from your data sources. By reimagining document processing, businesses can shift their scarce resources away from document handling to focusing on judgment and decision making tasks, using technology to achieve scale, speed and efficiency.

Deloitte Cube is an award winning intelligent document processing solution used to support Australia's most trusted organisations. Deloitte Cube utilises a proven suite of advanced machine learning models, character recognition technology and Computer Vision models to convert unstructured data held within documents into structured data, enabling accelerated document review and processing capability. Through automating document classification and data extraction at scale, Cube reduces the need for manual document review which can be time-consuming, prone to error and difficult to scale. The extracted information is optimised through our solution to drive unique insights and accelerates decision-making for our clients.

So harness the potential of your documents, there's more in there than you can see.