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Conduct Watch

The smarter whistleblowing solution

Accelerate how you identify, respond to, resolve and report on bullying, sexual harassment, fraud, theft and other misconduct.


Gain valuable insights and effectively manage incidents of workplace misconduct, policy breaches and compliance matters whilst complying with the Corporations Act 2011 whistleblowing requirements.

With global coverage, multilingual support, and Deloitte’s quality and excellence, Conduct Watch is your trusted whistleblowing solution. From collection to resolution, the platform consolidates all reports to provide a single, trusted view of all reported matters of misconduct within your organisation.



Conduct Watch is our all-in-one misconduct management platform that helps to protect your people and your organisation by providing a seamless end-to-end whistleblowing solution. With a quick and hassle-free setup, it can be tailored to your needs to identify, respond to, resolve and report on all types of misconduct.

Multiple reporting channels let you actively manage and monitor workplace misconduct incidents, policy and procedure breaches and compliance and integrity matters with quality insights.

Conduct Watch also provides a secure platform to enable your Eligible Recipients to capture reports of disclosable conduct and feed the information into your Whistleblower Framework in a confidential secure manner.

The Deloitte Whistleblower Service Team are dedicated to the service and specially trained to take and handle reports across all types of misconduct, in an empathetic way while obtaining as much actionable information as possible.

Already in use by over 300 organisations in diverse industries, Conduct Watch is your complete whistleblowing and misconduct reporting solution, helping you securely capture and manage all issues in one place and comply with the Corporations Act 2011 whistleblowing requirements.

Key stats


An estimated 1/3 of fraud cases worldwide are exposed by whistleblowers


With independent whistleblowing services, organisations have doubled their self-protection


Conduct Watch is used by over 300 clients globally

17 years

17 years in the market


Enhanced trust and confidence to individually manage risks and combat regulatory concerns.

Essential support that helps protect organisations’ reputations.

Improved reporting efficiency to quickly address risks and disclosures.

An advanced case management system with cutting-edge reports and analytics.

Support mitigation strategies to reduce exposure to risks.

Prioritisation of employee safety, wellbeing, and integrity.


How it works?

01: Disclosure – Whistleblowers report incident(s), either anonymously or by name, via a range of reporting channels, including web, phone, email, or post.

02: Triage – A forensic Whistleblower Service specialist documents the confidential disclosure and prepares a report that clearly outlines the issues and can be used as the basis of a comprehensive investigation plan.

03: Assessment – Client authorized users are provided with access to Conduct Watch, a structured case management tool, allowing them to review, assess, and manage disclosures.

04: Resolution – Client takes any follow-up actions, providing confidential feedback to the whistleblower, Deloitte engages with the Whistleblower where required.

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